On Steven Weber's Opinion

The actor Steven Weber, best known for his role on the sitcom Wings, weighed in recently on Paris Hilton.

It is one of the… strangest opinions I’ve ever read.

I couldn’t put a sentence together like that. Well, okay, maybe if I’ve been drinking really hard.

Here’s an example:

[S]he is like one of those characters at the end of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 walking around endlessly reciting books they have committed to memory in impart to future bookless generations the ingredients essential to humanity: knowledge, curiosity, imagination, the adhesive substances that bind the bricks of civilization. Only, Paris Hilton walks by herself in an isolated part of the forest, barely able to keep a Bazooka Joe comic in her head, stumbling over the big words and encouraging not mere passing scorn or fringe amusement but outright worship.

Read the rest. It’s wild stuff. 🙂

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