More on pains

The kidney doesn’t ache today. I actually find this worrisome. Has the kidney stone moved?

Lose one pain, gain another. My right hand hurts like hell. I worked the yard Sunday trying to clear off leaves from last fall, and a massive blister formed on the palm between thumb and index finger, only to drain, refill, and drain once more. Now the blister just plain hurts.

Now, the weather report calls for snow tomorrow. Snow! Temperatures were in the seventies on Sunday, in the fifties yesterday, and today should be a rerun of yesterday. Snow!

Save for the light dusting of a quarter of an inch in January that paralyzed Raleigh for twelve hours back in January, we’ve had virtually no winter weather. It’s been a mild winter, and I miss the snow at times.

I downloaded a new theme for the webpage–a Spider-Man theme–but I don’t like it. I tried it out for about half an hour last night, had to make a few edits to the .CSS for the images to even appear, and decided in the end that the layout just didn’t work at all.

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