On The Weird Things From My Keyboard

Sometimes I shock even myself. Yes, I did, in fact, in all seriousness, suggest a “Star Trek Meets The Vampire Lestat” crossover. But what would the reaction be? Well, I think I have it pegged right when I wrote: Though if there’s a homoerotic undertone to the meeting of Lestat and Picard, I think fandomContinue reading “On The Weird Things From My Keyboard”

On Worf's Return to Starfleet

Some Star Trek fans have a major problem with Star Trek: Nemesis–Worf is back in his Starfleet uniform, and his role as Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, established in Deep Space Nine‘s final episode, “What You Leave Behind,” is wholly ignored. This quote is typical “perhaps my biggest complaint about Nemesis was that without evenContinue reading “On Worf's Return to Starfleet”

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Ambassador Worf

Time for another Crackpot Allyn Theory! As we know, in the final Deep Space Nine episode Worf is appointed as the Federation’s Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. When we next see Worf, in Star Trek: Nemesis he is apparently no longer an Ambassador as he attends the Riker/Troi wedding in a Starfleet uniform and isContinue reading “Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Ambassador Worf”

Before Korsmo

I was looking at Michael Jan Friedman’s Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Reunion for the first time in many years and noticed something. Morgen of Daa’V, who had served with Picard aboard the Stargazer, also served as Captain of the USS Excalibur. It’s clear how this fits with Star Trek: New Frontier. Morgen steppedContinue reading “Before Korsmo”

After the Next Generation

TrekToday reports on an interview Brent Spiner gave where he says that Paramount considered making Star Trek X without the Next Generation characters: The studio, I think, wasn’t really crazy about doing another movie with the Next Generation crew. What I think they wanted to do was a movie with a new Star Trek cast.Continue reading “After the Next Generation”

Unfinished Tales

In the process of moving I came across several files folders of old manuscripts, some handwritten, some typed, all of them fragments of stories I wrote many years ago. This is the first in an occasional series presenting some of these story fragments. The Adventure of the French Albino is the sequel to another story,Continue reading “Unfinished Tales”

Reaching into the metaphorical mailbag

A reader of this webpage e-mailed me recently with the following observation: How can you say Wesley Crusher replaced someone at the Enterprise’s helm and took their job? The person doing Wesley’s job in the first season was Geordi, and in the second season he became Chief Engineer, so the position was vacant and PicardContinue reading “Reaching into the metaphorical mailbag”

Not coming soon to a bookstore near you

Pocket Books, publishers of the Star Trek novels, among other things, sponsor a writing contest every year–the Strange New Worlds anthologies which publish Star Trek fiction by previously unpublished authors. The first such anthology was published in 1998, the fifth earlier this year, and Pocket is currently accepting entries for the sixth contest, winners toContinue reading “Not coming soon to a bookstore near you”