Not coming soon to a theatre near you

Star Trek fans received some disturbing news today–the scenes with Wil Wheaton and Ashley Judd in Star Trek Nemesis were cut from the film for running time reasons. According to published reports Wheaton and Judd reprised their roles as Wesley Crusher and Robin Lefler for the tenth Trek film as guests at the wedding receptionContinue reading “Not coming soon to a theatre near you”

On Star Trek Movie Names

Random brainwave I had this morning… The Classic Trek films had impressive sounding names. Maybe not impressive sounding, but descriptive. The Star Trek: The Next Generation films, by contrast, have positively dull names. If you were given the power to give the NextGen films names like the Classic Trek films, what names would you giveContinue reading “On Star Trek Movie Names”

Tania Tobias, Anyone?

While reading a book the other day, suddenly I wondered, whatever became of Tania Tobias? And might we see her appear in a future Star Trek: New Frontier novel, possibly as part of Shelby’s crew on the Trident, possibly as Shelby’s first officer? Or is Ms. Tobias no longer in Starfleet, or did she perishContinue reading “Tania Tobias, Anyone?”

The Psi Phi Project: Re(7437): Ro and the Maquis

Baerbel wrote: The Bajorans and the Maquis had two things in common, they were victims of the Cardassians and they feel betrayed by Starfleet – the Maquis because of this agreement Starfleet made with Cardassia and the Bajorans because Starfleet did absolutely nothing to help except voicing their outrage now and again. From “Ensign Ro”Continue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Re(7437): Ro and the Maquis”