On "The Stones of Venice"

I received “Stones of Venice” from WhoNA Wednesday and listened to it yesterday. Overall, I was impressed. It’s not a brilliant story, but it’s a well-done story, with an emphasis on character over plot as what plot there is borders on the insanely obvious. Some things don’t gibe very well; it’s difficult to imagine thisContinue reading “On "The Stones of Venice"”

On a Life Update

First, for those completely in the dark. I am an Assistant Manager for Electronics Boutique in the outer Philadelphia suburbs in southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s a decent enough job–it certainly pays well enough–and as things to do go I could certainly do far worse, which truth to tell, I have. As I’ve said, it’s a coolContinue reading “On a Life Update”

On Peter David Novels

Since someone asked, my quick take on some Peter David Star Trek books… Q-Squared was a solid romp. Alternate timelines, the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the tragedy of Jack Crusher. My favorite scene has to be the three Datas discussing their sexual habits while the Enterprise-D is about to crash. TheContinue reading “On Peter David Novels”

On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX

I read Jean Airey’s The Doctor and the Enterprise recently. 🙂 The Doctor and the Enterprise (tDatE) is frivolous fun. I’d slot it right after “The Deadly Assassin” and before the Doctor picks up Leela, but there’s a reference to K-9, so perhaps it would be best after Leela and before Romana I, so rightContinue reading “On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX”

On Star Trek, Series V

TrekToday has some interesting details on the next Star Trek series, in particular who the characters will be. Is it for real? I’ve talked with some friends of mine about the TrekToday article. All agree that it’s bogus for a couple of reasons. The names are a little in-jokey. A real casting bulletin wouldn’t goContinue reading “On Star Trek, Series V”