Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who.

If you believe the Mirror, that is.

I don’t believe the Mirror, not exactly. I think the basic story is right — she’s leaving the series at the end of the year — but the details are invented.

The characterization that she “quit” especially strikes me as false. I think it is vastly more likely that she simply took stock of her career and her two seasons on the series and chose to pass on re-upping for another.

To be honest, having read the leaked scripts; I’m not clear why she’s in the series this year. I don’t understand why Clara travels with the twelfth Doctor; he treats her like dirt, and she doesn’t like him.

I can’t say I will miss Clara when she’s gone. She was a plot point, not a character, in her first season. She was fun to watch, especially how Coleman and Matt Smith played off one another. She brought energy to some dire material.

Two years is a good run. I’m sure Coleman will do well, whatever she does next.

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