When I was attending the Wilmington Blue Rocks game last month I wanted something to drink. A beer. I wanted a beer.

But the line moved slower than molasses through mud, and something else caught my eye.

Blue Lemonade. It wasn’t any more expensive than a beer, and it came in a collector’s cup. Not only would it quench my thirst, but I’d have a souvenir. That settled it.

And it was good!

I could only vaguely remember the ingredients — vodka, lemonade, Sprite — and then the men’s restroom had the recipe on the wall over one of the urinals 🙂

I decided to make it for Memorial Day weekend. It seems like a good summertime drink, something that would scale up easily for for parties and cookouts.

Blue Lemonade
Half gallon lemonade
24 ounces 80 proof vodka (the Blue Rocks recipe uses Dogfish Head Analog Vodka)
4 ounces Blue Curacao drink mix

  • Mix ingredients in pitcher. Stir.
  • Add ice cubes to glass.
  • Fill glass two-thirds full with lemonade/vodka mixture.
  • Top off glass with Sprite.

Voila! Blue lemonade!

It’s pleasant, the kind of thing perfect for sitting outside on a nice summer’s day. 🙂

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