It’s mid-September, and this week has really started to feel like autumn. There’s a chill dampness in the morning, and the nights feel downright cold. I had to throw extra blankets on the bed last night, and I worked part of the day at home while wearing a hoodie.

The weird thing is the sky. It’s hazy in a way that early August is hazy, when it’s oppressive and hot and you can feel the heat coming from everywhere. Except it’s far from hot, and the haze is the smoke from the wildfires on the west coast high in the atmosphere. You can stand in the sun and there’s no heat. It’s eerie.

I got new glasses. They’re reading glasses, which is fine. My vision remains broken in ways that I’m not sure I could take an eye exam in any way that’s not malpractice.

I’d been wanting round frames for a while. Most people would think of Harry Potter, but I think of the eleventh Doctor or Indiana Jones or Clark Kent (John Byrne drew Clark Kent with round frames).

Last week I saw people sharing memes of the alien who spoke only in metaphor, from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Darmok,” recaptioned with descriptions of other memes. So I made one myself.

It’s probably funnier in my head than it really is.

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