On Kittens and Baths

Cats hate water. Or so I’ve always been told. But Woody loves to drink out of the toilet; in fact, he gets terribly upset if the toilet seat is down, and from time to time he’s been known to pull the lever to watch the water go down.

The kittens had been outside playing, and I let them in maybe fifteen minutes ago. One, Percival, the one with the long, curly hair, had something icky in his fur. Wasn’t a bug, wasn’t a burr, it was squishy and vaguely nasty looking. So, I picked him up, took him into the bathroom, set him on the counter, wetted down a washcloth, and gave him a bath.

Surprisingly, he enjoyed it. He especially enjoyed when I rolled him up in the towel and dried him off.

The experience is so odd that I don’t know what to say. I gave a kitten a bath. I’m having trouble getting that phrase to compute. 😯

3 thoughts on “On Kittens and Baths

  1. 😥 my cat will scratch me till i have enough blood to fill up a cup when i put her in a sink or a bath with water…does anyone know a safe way to bathe a cat?

  2. 😯 My kitten loves bath time FOR ME. She races to the side of the bathtub and watches me so closely. She sticks her paws in and flicks me with water, and grabs at my pouf when it gets near her. She has even slipped and fallen in, and all she did was slowly sink down and stare at me like “well this isn’t so bad.” So I scooped her up and wrapped her in a towel, and placed her on my bed, and my dog ran over and started licking all the water off of the cat. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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