An offense to the ears

I heard today Madonna’s theme song to the new James Bond film, Die Another Day.

It’s utter crap.

I’m not sure where to begin in describing how truly terrible a song this is. It’s not even a song. It’s just some sort of electronic syncopated rhythm with Madonna chanting over and over again, her voice raised to a bizarrely high pitch, “Die. Another. Day.”

Maybe a bad theme song is a good sign. Look at Live and Let Die. Paul McCartney turned out one of his best post-Beatles songs for that film, but the film itself was total rubbish. Or A View to a Kill. The movie is by far the nadir of the Bond film series, yet it has a killer Duran Duran theme song. See? Great theme song, sucky Bond film.

While I have no difficulty remembering the music from the older Bond films, I can’t remember the music for any of Pierce Brosnan’s films. Tina Turner did the theme for Goldeneye, but I can’t remember it. Sheryl Crow did Tomorrow Never Dies, and that was totally forgettable. Was it Garbage that did the theme for The World Is Not Enough? Damned if I know, such was the impression the theme make upon me. Yet when I saw a commercial the other day on television for some random product, possibly film, I knew where the music came from–it was the love theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, “We Have All the Time in the World.”

Madonna has churned out another forgettable theme song for Pierce Brosnan’s Bond.

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