Saturday morning, while browsing Facebook, I found an interested an unexpected article — Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables is being translated into Scots Gaelic.

The Canadian dialect of Gaelic was spoken on Prince Edward Island, though in declining numbers, at the time Montgomery’s novels were set, and I did not know that Montgomery herself had married a Gaelic speaker.

Bradan Press is running a Kickstarter to fund the translation and publication of Anna Ruadh, the Gaelic translation, and though I don’t speak Gaelic (despite efforts at working through some podcasts) I made a pledge of support for a hardcover edition of the book. But there are also unique artworks (the cover in various sizes) and totes bogs on offer that would be of interest to Anne collectors.

And, I suppose, one could always teach themselves Gaelic by attempting to read Anna Ruadh. Maybe that will be what I’ll do. 🙂

Header image “Green Gables Heritage Place, Cavendish (471127),” by Robert Lindsell, licensed Creative Commons CC BY 2.0.

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