It’s safe to say that I have more Beatles cover albums in my collection than official Beatles albums.  (I have to make that distinction, as I have a nice sized collection of bootleg albums.)  And over the years, I’ve bought some absolute junk.

I have no idea when I picked up Vincent DiCola’s Artistically Beatles.  It may have been something I found at Big Lots.  I remember when a new music store opened at the mall, and they had a rack of budget CDs; perhaps it was on that rack and one day I found it.  Unlike other albums in my collection, I have no firm memories of this.

DiCola is a Hollywood session musician, probably best known for scoring Transformers: The MovieArtistically Beatles isn’t junk.  It’s actually a very competent album.  However, it is also a very surprising take on the Beatles, radically reinventing ten of their songs in an 80s synthpop style.  The result is something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a soft rock or adult contemporary station next to Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” or Boy Meets Girl’s “Waiting for a Star to Fall.”  I won’t say anything here is a “gem,” but there are nice versions of “Something,” “You Never Give Me Your Money,” and “Norwegian Wood.”

A curiosity in my collection, DiCola’s Artistically Beatles is there for those rare moments when I need to imagine Rodimus Prime and Galvatron battling it out to the music of the Beatles.  Roll out!

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