At Philcon

Yes, that subject line breaks that titling standard I’ve used for the better part of five years.  But it’s a standard that’s going away when I unveil the new website design, so I don’t feel so bad.

The first day here in Cherry Hill was nice.  I had dinner with Jay and Pam Smith and their friends.  I met at long last the effervescent Popfiend and his wife.  I remembered how spectacularly awful Murphy’s Irish Stout is (it’s what the bar had — no Guinness).

I also made a run out to Target, no thanks to Google Navigate.  The thing is… It’s about two miles away, as the crow flies.  Google Navigate plotted out a seven mile trip that had me doubling back past the hotel to get there.  I studied the map by scaling out, decided on a different route, and saved three miles.

Panels for me are later in the day.  I feel like rousting up some breakfast, for one thing…

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