Blinded by Science

How does that ’80s song go? “I’m blinded! By science!”

That’s how I feel right about now, having just written five pages of tech exposition. It’s vital to the story, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it. The conflict between two characters begins (or more precisely, resumes after a twenty-year absence), the seeds of the conclusion have been planted even if no one in story realizes it yet, and a character who in my outline seemed like such a strong and vital character has become as senile, as feeble, and as manipulated as Geoffrey Bayldon’s Doctor (from Doctor Who Unbound: Auld Mortality).

Blinded! By science!

Who sang that damn song anyway? Now it’s stuck in my head….

3 thoughts on “Blinded by Science

  1. Yes, but the real geeks on that song know that the beautiful woman’s name in the song was Miss Sakamoto without having to look. πŸ˜€

    Not that I loved that song when I was a kid or anything, nossir. πŸ˜€

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