I walked into Dallastown this morning and mailed over a dozen Christmas cards, all to people I don't know and have never met.  Madonna and child stamps, my favorite Christmas stamps every year.

The recipients are all distant cousins, all descendants of my great-great-grandfather through his eldest three daughters, two of whom I had no idea even had descendants until recently.  As I researched my genealogy and wandered down lineages, I found names and obituaries.  Those were clues, and clues led to more names and more data, like a puzzle.

I wrote out a short note in each card, scribbled a signature, and wrote a date.  I didn't introduce myself or explain our link.  It's distant enough that it hardly matters.  If they want to get in touch, ask who I am and why I'm sending them a card, the address is on the envelope.  Still, it's an act of random kindness from a stranger.  Maybe one of the recipients had a difficult year or it going through a rough patch, and a kind word from a stranger will make a difference.

That's good enough for me. 🙂

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