Christmas shopping

Ten days left, and I’m essentially done.

Two years ago I started my Christmas shopping on December 23rd. It wasn’t intentional; I simply hadn’t had the time to do my shopping until I was up against that wall. My store had a staff of five that holiday season, and it seemed like all my time was spent in the store, and with time being at such a premium at Christmas anyway shopping was the last thing I really wanted to do. I vowed, though, not to be in such a position again.

Last year I was done by Thanksgiving. And then I kept buying presents on the spur of the moment.

This year my Christmas buying hasn’t been quite as timely as last year. Some of that is because of the shortened Christmas shopping season this year–there’s a week missing between Thanksgiving and Christmas as compared to last year. Some of that is because of last week’s ice storm that left me without electricity for five days. Some of that is because I work in a shopping center anchored by a cell phone store (which isn’t conducive to Christmas giving) and a christian book store (which I wouldn’t go in anyway), and casual browsing simply isn’t feasible.

Suffice to say, my shopping is essentially done. The major presents have been bought and wrapped, a mix of the strange and eclectic.

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