Daily Recap

I overslept this morning. Looking at the clock, I’ve only been awake for twelve hours.

I went to an inventory at a store in Raleigh last night. I arrived about half past six, scanning began about an hour later, and at four-thirty in the morning we were done and ready to go home. A lot of work for a day off. –shrug–

I mentioned earlier the snow that fell last night. No accumulation, no weather-related panics or traffic jams. Tonight we may see sleet and snow.

Someone sent me cookies. I’m not sure who, or why. If the responsible party reads this website, thank you.

I finally figured out the comment problem on the webpage. Comment spam has been a real headache the past few weeks, and I’ve tried several methods of combating the problem. Unfortunately, the comments feature of the website didn’t work at all with the latest “upgrade.” Considering that the first thing that came through was a spam comment once I fixed the problem, maybe it’s best just to “break” the website.

Oh, what a Friday night! Drink imported English stout and listen to the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack.

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