Denny Crane!

About the only thing I watch on television these days is Boston Legal. Part stems from my loyalty to The Practice for so many years. Part stems from my love of the cast–James Spader, William Shatner, and now Candice Bergen (who is still pretty damn attractive).

I realized a few weeks ago that in Star Trek: Generations it wasn’t James Kirk that Picard found in the Nexus. No, it was Denny Crane. Watch the “cooking with the Captains” scene in Generations. Watch the way Shatner approaches his role in that scene. That’s Denny Crane in the scene, not James Tiberius Kirk.

Shatner has found his role. Shatner has the role that will define the way he’s remembered. And that’s Denny Crane, not James Tiberius Kirk.

I don’t know how long Boston Legal will last. I hope a few years, maybe three or four. It’s not The Practice, and I like it for different reasons than I liked The Practice, but as long as Denny Crane is along for the ride I’ll be watching.

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