Drabble-y Goodness

What is a drabble, you ask?

A drabble is a short story of precisely one hundred words. No more. No less.

I write drabbles for fun. Usually as a writing warm-up exercise. Occasionally for profit, when for Pocket’s Strange New Worlds VI contest two years ago I submitted many drabbles for consideration. (Come to think of it, I only submitted drabbles for consideration.) My thinking was Pocket would have the drabble for free–I’d spend more having the 10 dollar check framed. Good editorial sense prevailed, though, and I found myself left with several drabbles without homes.

Having nothing else to do with this slew of drabbles, I’ve started uploading them to the website.

“Leaving the Nest” is a Robin Lefler drabble.

“Perils of the Heart” is a Quark and Ro drabble. It was my take on a scene I assumed at the time would have been in Unity, the Deep Space Nine 10th-anniversary hardcover novel. Hey, it could have happened that way. 🙂

And of more recent vintage (in other words, a few weeks ago), a Doctor Who drabble, “Bleacher Creatures.” The sixth Doctor and Peri pay a visit to Yankee Stadium.

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