Emergency Road Trip II

In an hour my grandmother and I are leaving Raleigh, heading back north to Baltimore.

The plan seems to be this–drive to Rocky Mount, pay a visit to Gertrude at the hospital, stay a half an hour tops, then up I-95 to Baltimore. Leave at ten, should arrive in Baltimore somewhere in the vicinity of six, assuming bad traffic on the Washington Beltway. At that point things are wide-open. Drive straight back? Eat some dinner, catch a nap, then drive straight back?

The only thing certain is that I’ll be taking some CDs along for a listen. On yesterday’s trip to Rocky Mount my grandmother and I listened to some jazz and some Beatles–A Hard Day’s Night and Abbey Road. On Sunday’s trip down we listened to some Dido and some Coldplay. Music makes the trip go easier. Of course, I haven’t decided yet which CDs….

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