Just after dusk I carried a laundry basket up the stairs in the parking lot, on thecway back to my apartment from the laundry facility.

There, hovering over my building was Jupiter, shining brightly in thr sky just after sunset when few stars had emerged from the glow.

To the east, furious and incandescent, was Mars.

I thought of a Carbon Leaf somg, “Blue Ridge Laughing,” with its line, “The red star is Mercury or Venus. Tell the truth, I don’t really know.” No, it’s Mars, a realm of imagination where cool intelligences and fietce warrior tribes and floating cities all vie for the dying world’s ancient sands.

A light breeze rustled through the trees, and in the distance one could hear cars on the highway.

It was a night to sit in the coolling air and ponder life’s mysteries.

Go outside. Look at the stars, planets, and rising moon. Know where you are in the universe. Feel how vast it is. Dream.

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