Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship

After writing some words on the death of author Frank Delaney this morning, I was curious — I remembered his voice appearing on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday from time to time, so how many times did he appear?

I turned to Google. The answer is six times.

Just six times, and not in five years. I can remember hearing three of these stories on their original broadcast — his first appearance in 2005, the segment on “Re: Joyce” and Ulysses, and the segment with his wife. Delaney’s easy rapport with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday from his very first appearance gave the impression that he appeared many more times than he had. Even though he didn’t, the two men had an epic radio friendship that was clear, strong, and true. From the very first, they talked as though they had known each other forever, and their conversations were a doorway into a heightened world of words and ideas where they invited you to keep up with them because you just might learn something.

I downloaded all six Weekend Edition Saturday segments and listened to them. I had the thought — I must have worked the morning of his first appearance at EB Games, I must have heard the segment either on my way to the store or driving up Walnut Street to get change from the Wachovia at Cary Town Center. That segment, which I may not have heard in full, made an impression that has stayed with me over the years.

I think I may pull Ireland off the shelf tonight. It seems only appropriate.

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