A customer came into the store today with his pet lizard, Diablo, situated on his shoulder.

He said he had been feeding Diablo crickets. Suddenly, Diablo began to foam at the mouth.

“He’s thirsty. He needs water! He’ll die if he doesn’t drink anything!”

I ran into the back, pulled out a bottle of spring water, and poured some of the water into the cap and set it on the counter. “See if he’ll drink out of that,” I said.

So, he holds Diablo in his hand and starts to dunk Diablo’s head in the cap. “Drink, Diablo! Drink!”

But Diablo doesn’t drink anything.

He takes Diablo and turns him around, looks Diablo straight in the face.

Suddenly, Diablo’s mouth opens wide, all the way.

Gagh! Gagh!

Diablo vomits up a cricket head. Then, he vomits up the body of the cricket.

Not a sight I wanted today.

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