Going to a Concert

Tonight the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette are playing at Alltel Pavillion here in Raleigh. I have a ticket for lawn seating. The weather forecast looks promising–clear, high temperature in the mid-70s. Should be fun.

Joe Keeton, my old college roommate (currently a debate coach for Bronx Science) hailed from New Jersey, by way of Toronto. He said one day that as a non-Canadian I wasn’t allowed to like the Barenaked Ladies. If he had a larger point, I’ve yet to figure out what it was. I’ve found BNL’s music to be well-suited to writing .html code. Go figure, but it works for me. 🙂

The last concert I went to was in May. Fleetwood Mac came to town, and the weather was hot, muggy, and thunderstorms threatened all evening. The Mac were generally in good form. Save for a few technical problems–poor amplification at the beginning of the set–and Stevie Nicks nonsense lyrics to familiar songs, I had a good time.

My beer of choice of late has been Mackeson Triple Stout. It’s dark. It’s heavy. It goes down smooth.

I thought it was an import–that’s where it’s kept where I buy it. But the label reads “Brewed and bottled under the strict supervision of Whitbread’s Brewmasters, Whitbread PLC., London, England by the Whitbread Beer Company, Cincinnati, OH, USA.” English recipe, American brewed and bottled.

That’s disappointing.

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