I have a love-hate relationship with eBay. Sometimes I love it, because I can find things that I never even knew I wanted. Sometimes I hate it, because I can find way too many things I never even knew I needed.

Last week I bid on the Hellboy PlayStation game, Asylum Seeker. The game arrived in the mail today. We have a SKU for it at work, for a pre-owned version of the game, but it’s not something that we appear to have carried, ever, which is odd, considering the game released in North America only last year. But the PlayStation, the original model if you will, is on the downward leg of its lifecycle, and what new releases there are are few and far between, and one is more likely to find them in Target or Best Buy than in a specialty store where the customer base wants the latest and greatest.

Enough about that.

I don’t know if the game is any good. I don’t care if the game is any good. The graphics I know will be positively wretched compared to the latest and greatest. Even if the game is a miserable failure, at least it’s Hellboy, with his red skin, filed-down horns, and the Right Hand of Doom, and that’s enough for me.

I can’t wait for the film. Is it April yet?

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