I held it in my hands

The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition. In the super-sized box. With the Pillars of the Argonath bookends. And the bonus fifth-disc featuring a National Geographic documentary.

It arrived at work today. I held the box. Turned it over. Felt its weight in my hands.

Heady moments, let me assure you.

The boxset does not go on sale, of course, until Tuesday, typical of all DVD releases.

This is pure psychological torment. I want it, I will have it, but I need patience. Tuesday is only a few days away.

Anyway, I probably won’t get a chance to watch any of it until next Thursday, so why I am so anxious?

3 thoughts on “I held it in my hands

  1. I know exactly how you feel – even though I didn’t hold it in my hands. But I ordered it at amazon (the one without the bookends) and I am counting the hours (read: minutes) to its delivery. IIRC you said you bought the normal DVD edition as well. If the Extended Edition doesn’t let me choose if I want to watch it with or without the added scenes, I might just do the same …

  2. The Fellowship Extended Edition doesn’t give you the option to watch the film without the added scenes, so if you want the theatrical version of the film you will need to buy the regular, two-disc edition released over the summer.

    The Extended Edition isn’t just a version of the film with new bells and whistles. It really is a whole new cut of the film, and nothing makes that more clear than the first half-hour where new shots are added and some old shots rearranged. Plus, there’s new music and rearranged music, so even with scene branching it would be impossible to switch between the regular and extended versions of the film.

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