What if… No Khan Noonian Singh?

Try this on for size. It’s 2266. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are zipping through space, and there’s an emergency distress call from a nearby colony, under attack. The Enterprise diverts from its routine patrol. Had the Enterprise stayed on its course for another day, Spock would have detected a derelict Earth ship from theContinue reading “What if… No Khan Noonian Singh?”

Changing up the Desktop

Discovering NASA’s Flickr photo archive this week was nice, as it game me an opportunity to update a desktop wallpaper. Notice the use of a. Manjaro My Manjaro installation probably could have used a refresh. Now it looks like this. It’s KDE with the Sweet Ambar Blue theme, the Candy icon set, and the PlankContinue reading “Changing up the Desktop”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1 IDW Publishing Written by Scott & David Tipton, with Tony Lee Art by J.K. Woodward When I was about nine, I started watching Star Trek. I remember going with my dad to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan for my birthday. When I was aboutContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Looking Ahead to Shore Leave

Shore Leave is four months away, and yesterday I started to brainstorm panel ideas for the convention. I scribbled fifteen ideas on a notepad — it was either that or pay attention to a discussion by Baltimore’s methheads about how a woman’s pelvis is made of sponge — and last night I pared the listContinue reading “On Looking Ahead to Shore Leave”

On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas

Recently I’ve had anniversaries on the brain. It started with this blog post by Dayton Ward, where he ran through a list of film anniversaries — twentieth, twenty-fifth, right on up — that are being celebrated this year. You look at the list for 1982, the year that many critics consider to be filmed scienceContinue reading “On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas”

On Star Trek Magazine’s Movie Spectacular

Within the next week or so, the new issue of Star Trek Magazine, issue #26 in the United States, issue #153 in the United Kingdom, will start showing up on newsstands. Its cover proclaims it to be “The Ultimate Movie Guide,” and all eleven Star Trek movies, from 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture toContinue reading “On Star Trek Magazine’s Movie Spectacular”

On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time”

The trouble with being a writer is that, occasionally, I’ll try and outthink a story as I’m reading it or watching it. Neil Gaiman wrote about this very thing in an introduction to a story or a novel I read a few years ago, that because he’s a storyteller, he knows the tricks and heContinue reading “On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time””

On the Poly Sci-Fi Meme 2008

I was tagged last night with a political/sci-fi meme by Valley of the Shadow, a Doctor Who fan. So, let’s have some fun. 🙂 1} President George W. Bush or President William Clinton? You must answer 1a and 1b.President Clinton. 1a} Give 3 issues why you support your guy:a) Balanced the budget and oversaw theContinue reading “On the Poly Sci-Fi Meme 2008”

On Star Trek: Legacy

The new issue of Game Informer came in the mail yesterday, and inside was a one-page preview on this fall’s new Star Trek game, Legacy, for the PC and the XBox 360 coming from Bethesda Softworks. This isn’t the first preview Game Informer has done–several months ago they published a cover article on the game.Continue reading “On Star Trek: Legacy”

December’s Greatest Hits

The top fifteen reasons people checked out allyngibson.com in the month of December. 15. “John Lennon atheist.” I wouldn’t call Lennon an atheist, per se, but he certainly had his issues with organized religion. Witness this quote–“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I am right, and have been proven right. We’re bigger thanContinue reading “December’s Greatest Hits”