It's Only a Game

I’ve been thinking about Christmas recently. Just last week I wrapped my first present of the year, and we’re not even to September yet.

But when one works retail, as I do, and one works retail management, as I do, then come November 1st my life vanishes as my work load increases, my work week lengths, and Christmas means little more than, “Why, that’s my day off that week!”

I know what I want for Christmas. (Other than things like world peace, George Bush’s impending unemployment, etc.) Newsarama posted an article today about It’s Only a Game, a collection of single-panel comic strips written and drawn by Charles Schulz during the 1950s. From the press release announcing the book: “[F]ew people know that during the late 1950s, during a period of great creativity, Schulz was also doing another newspaper comics series. ‘It’s Only a Game’ took a look at people and their pastimes, showing us how we win, how we lose, and how we play the game. This long forgotten work is now being put into a book for the very first time, as About Comics publishes the complete collection It’s Only a Game.”

Between this and Fantagraphics’ The Complete Peanuts collections, this is a great time to be a Charles Schulz fan.

Now if I could only figure out what to buy my sister for her birthday come Saturday…. 🙂

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