I admit, I’m disappointed that Joe Biden isn’t running for president. His speech yesterday in the Rose Garden, with his wife Jill to one side and the president to the other, was pure Joe Biden — funny, warm, forceful, and a little bitrandom. His window closed, and maybe it was never open, but I’ll miss Joe Biden.

The thing that really gets me, though, is this picture of the Bidens and the president leaving the Rose Garden, the president’s hand on Biden’s shoulder.

Historically, presidents and vice presidents haven’t had warm relationships. Even Clinton and Gore didn’t have a great relationship. Yet, these two, Obama and Biden, have bonded in a surprising and touching way. The president has called Biden his “brother,” and Biden has talked about how their Irish ancestors came from neighboring towns and arrived on these shores at roughly the same time and how that ties them together.

I’ll miss Joe Biden. He did a lot of good.

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