Just an Observation

While wrapping presents this evening I needed some background noise, so I put X2: X-Men United in the DVD player.

I hadn’t realized it until today, but the film is almost a remake of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. But with the X-Men, instead of Admiral Kirk and his lackeys.

I remember when X2 came out that many in fandom said the film owed a debt to “God Loves, Man Kills,” the X-Men graphic novel of the mid-80s, but it owes just as much to Nick Meyer’s space opera.

One thought on “Just an Observation

  1. Er, it was just “many in fandom” — the producers came out and said that GL,MK was the starting point. They even gave the villain the same last name, and many of the plot points were the same (though it was also radically changed in other aspects).


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