More on Alex Kingston’s Appearance on Craig Ferguson’s Show

In case you missed Alex Kingston’s appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show last night, which I wrote about here, here’s the clip of her segment of the show:

That whole “rabbits” thing that Kingston and Ferguson go on about? It refers to this. Hmm, those things look like the mutanted love child of a saguaro cactus and X-23. :-/

Yes, I had to look that up myself, what it was. Like Ferguson, I didn’t know. Unlike Ferguson, I’m totally oblivious.

The “Morgan Freeman Reads Snooki’s Novel” thing was hilarious, though the Morgan Freeman impersonator could have been a little bit better. Never having seen Jersey Shore, I’m wholly unfamiliar with Snooki, and based on last night’s show I’m pretty sure I want to stay unfamiliar with Snooki, yet the extracts of her novel remind me of the meth addicts I often see and hear on the morning train to work, and that’s really enough for me.

One interesting thing about Kingston’s appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show last night was that, to record it, she missed the readthrough of episode seven, the mid-season cliffhanger, of the sixth season of Doctor Who. Which could mean that River Song isn’t in the mid-season cliffhanger. Or it could mean that, because she commutes from Los Angeles to Cardiff (which she mentioned to Ferguson) she didn’t have to be at the table reading. (Not all actors make the table reading of the script. John Barrowman wasn’t at the reading for Torchwood: Children of Earth, but that didn’t affect his performance any.)

Anyway. Kingston. Ferguson.

God, they were absolutely hilarious together, weren’t they? 🙂

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