More on Civilization Anonymous

I mentioned CivAnon, an organization devoted to helping persons addicted to the computer game Civilization about a month ago.

It’s a spoof organization, a really good marketing ploy, if you ask me.

Poking around their website I found their public service announcement which features some of the funniest characters I’ve seen in a long time. An elderly woman talking about learning to split the atom. A social cripple and his bathroom problems. A politician with an obscured face talking about Latin. Hilarious stuff.

Check it out, people. The movie rocks.

While we’re talking Civilization, why not plug FreeCiv? FreeCiv is a freeware adaptation of the original Civilization, tailored for modern computers. And did I mention, it’s a free download?

One thought on “More on Civilization Anonymous

  1. I was a big fan of the, the religious aspect of Civ IV, y’know, big fan, dating back to the church in Rome. Did you know that, uh, they spoke Latin back then. There’s a whole language that they spoke. Latin, I love it, I love Latin, I love the sound, I love all the Xs. I love that J. Lo. Uh, she’s got, uh, she’s Latin, she’s got what all the kids all calling today, uh, she’s got that “much back” or mucho espalda as we say in espanol.

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