More on Ink and Paper

At work on Friday someone left a stack of a new magazine — Comic Foundry — at the magazine and comic rack. I picked one up, flipped through it, and shoved it in my bag to take home and look at over the weekend.

The thing I noticed on Friday, though? The smell.

Yes, the first issue of Comic Foundry had that tangy, metallic smell of fresh ink. Ah. 😉

I know, I’ve mentioned this before, and I don’t know what it is about the smell of fresh paper and fresh ink that just gets me. But it does.

Toner out a copier or laser printer? Doesn’t do it. Smells a little too much of ozone. Smells a little too processed.

Comic Foundry? Rough paper. Black and white printing. The smell of fresh ink.

Very tactile. Very present. You notice this.

Speaking of the magazine, it has an interesting mix of articles. This isn’t another magazine with the latest news. No, this one has an edge — there’s an article on comic fan fashion, another on sexuality in comics. A little more of a lifestyle magazine, I think. I haven’t delved too deeply into it.

No, because I was too busy waxing poetic about the smell of fresh ink. 😆

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