More on Lego Star Wars

Six days away. The game is Six. Days. Away.

I pre-ordered mine at work today. Somehow I’d been remiss in doing so.

It was crazy funny hectic busy at work today. The Sony PSP, the new handheld system, launched today. We opened at eight, and people started lining up at about twenty past seven. All told, maybe twenty-five or thirty people were in line by the time I unlocked the door, and all day long PSP, PSP, PSP. I haven’t bought one yet, though I probably will in the next month or two.

But Lego Star Wars! Just six days away.

Last week we received display boxes for the game, more than we needed. I took one of the display sleeves home; I’m thinking of having my sister frame it so I can hang it on the wall in my office. Yes, I do think that would look pretty frelling cool.

One thought on “More on Lego Star Wars

  1. PSP? Meh. There’s zero games for it that I want, versus one (and several announced) for the DS. Still, I’m waiting for either a price drop or a purple DS to come out before I get one.

    Lego Star Wars, though, I’m definitely going to have to get….

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