More on Stephen Fry and Doctor Who

Nearly a year ago it was announced that Stephen Fry would be writing an episode of Doctor Who. A few months later an announcement was made that Fry’s script was being postponed from the second season to the third season. Reportedly the script was effects-heavy.

Now, the script has fallen through altogether. According to Fry himself:

Ah, now, unfortunately, I’ve had to pull out of the Dr Who gig. Lack of time. I just couldn’t find three minutes to string together. Barely enough time to go to the lavatory these days, let alone take on new projects. Sorry about that…



Disappointing news that Fry’s participation has fallen through. I’ve no idea what Fry’s story would have entailed–rumors have ranged from World War I to Vikings. Personally, I’d have loved to see Fry write about a meeting between the Doctor and Professor Trefusis. (Readers of Paperweight will know of whom I speak.)

But if it couldn’t happen because Fry lacked the time, I can’t argue. I’d rather have Fry write a good script, full of his trademark wit, than to knock off a merely adequate script.

So, I understand, but it’s still disappointing.

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  1. How about this … Stephen Fry IS dr who? We can scrap the emotional gunning-for-oscar story lines and have a clever, deep, witty, funny doctor back, in whose hands you know you’re safe. 🙂

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