More Snow

Thursday was warm, temperatures in the low forties. What was left of the ice and snow from the day previous melted off.

More snow was in the forecast, though. Snow showers, starting after midnight.

At midnight it began to rain. At one it had changed to a mix, rain and snow. Now, at four, it’s mainly snow. But none of it is sticking, and the temperatures aren’t quite freezing.

I don’t expect much from this winter storm. It’s too late into the morning to affect the early morning commute.

Fortunately, I don’t need to be to work until one. Given that I arrived home from the inventory not more than fifteen minutes ago, though, I may want to sleep in until one. Three might be a better arrival time….

Note to self: finish next week’s schedule. And the week after–the payroll crunch may continue into the first week of the new fiscal year.

Some aspirin, some sleep. I may leave the jazz radio station on, turned down low.

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