Movie Night!

We may do a Movie Night at work in the next few weeks.

I wouldn’t call Movie Night a tradition. More like an occasional happening, getting together as much of the staff as wants to go after work and going to see a film. We’ve done it twice. The last time it came off well was with Return of the King in December. An advance screening of The Butterfly Effect in January was mostly succesful, though it was very much last minute (the tickets came that morning) and during the middle of the week so not everyone who wanted to attend could. Then there were the times a few of us could get together to see Hellboy or Riddick together. The initial plan to go see Alien Vs. Predator as a group fell apart when, doing the responsibility thing, I helped out another store manager with merchandising and organizing his store.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is coming, though, and looking at the calendar three weeks hence I see nothing on the horizon that would preclude a group trip to see Sky Captain on the 19th, so I’ve made up a sign-up sheet. Ah, the joys of WordArt in Microsoft Word. 🙂

I see Movie Night as a morale-booster, as a way of building bonds and having the chance to spend time with one’s coworkers in a non-stress, non-work environment.

And who doesn’t want to see giant robots tearing through Manhattan? Sky Captain should be a pulp fan’s delight. 🙂

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