Name Badge

I was asked, for reasons unknown, to post the graphic image I use for my name badge at work. And since it’s a random enough request, why not?

The Doctor Who LEGO image of Paul McGann was taken from here.

Yes, I wear the eighth Doctor on my name badge. Is there a problem with that?
The font used is the Doctor Who title font used during the Jon Pertwee-era, and used on the novels and audios today.

Among recent acquisitions, a Grendel metal lunchbox, adorned with Matt Wagner artwork. All it needs to be perfect? A thermos.

ibooks reissued recently Fritz Leiber’s Swords and Deviltry, the first of the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser story collections. I’ve been a fan of these tales of the northerly barbarian and the wizardly thief and their adventures around the city of Lankhmar in the world of Nehwon since I was about eight or nine years-old and have collected new editions of the books whenever possible. In some ways this is a waste—why have four or five copies of the same material, whether paperback or hardcover or comic adaptation (such as the fine Epic Comics miniseries by Howard Chaykin and Mike Mignola in 1990)? Publishers follow the money, and these stories are worth being published and republished, to fine new generations of readers, and if by buying new editions of the books publishers are encouraged to keep the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories in print, then that’s what I’ll do. Plus, it gives me copies to give away to introduce newbies to the stories, so there’s benefits all around.

Side note. How many copies of the Sherlock Holmes canon do I have? Four? Five? There are differences in every edition, some illustrated, some not. Hell, buying multiple editions should be a mark of distinction.

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