On 2009 in Review

I’ve seen this here and there on friends’ blogs. What did they write about on the first day of each month in 2009? What does that say?

Let’s take a look at my 2009, just from the first day of each month.

  • JanuaryOn Stratfordians, Oxfordians, and “The Brain of Morbius”. A post comparing the question of the Doctor’s pre-Hartnell incarnations to the Shakespearean Authorship Question. Because I’m nerdy like that.
  • FebruaryOn a Sunday Morning Meme. A bunch of random questions about myself, probably borrowed from a friend’s LiveJournal.
  • MarchOn Paul Harvey. Newscaster Paul Harvey died, and I reminisced about my senior year in high school when I first heard Harvey on the radio.
  • AprilOn Robert Downey, Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes. I was a little apprehensive about Downey as Sherlock Holmes. He doesn’t look anything like the Holmes that Frederic Dorr Steele or Sidney Paget drew a century ago, and I wasn’t taken with the first set photos from the shoot. However, I started to see some other things about Downey’s Holmes, and my opinion began to shift. I’m looking forward to the film, out next week, now.
  • MayMore on The Leisure Society. Last spring I discovered an English band named The Leisure Society, and I mused on the lyrics to one of their songs and on their recent Ivor Novello award nomination.
  • JuneOn Today’s Writing Discovery. I had a writing insight, a scene I needed for the novel I’m working on.
  • JulyOn June’s Statistics. One of the occasional posts I make about the things people are looking for when they reach my website, the things they’re looking at, that sort of thing.
  • AugustOn the Arrival of the Print — I had ordered, in mid-July, an art print created by J.H. Williams III and Todd Klein of the young Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. It arrived in the mail that day.
  • SeptemberOn Late Summer Doldrums. Late September. Feeling kinda blah. The Cubs :cubs: were losing. Blah.
  • OctoberOn the Born Chicago Cubs Fan. Charlie Brown would have been a Chicago Cubs :cubs: fan, I think. And I wonder if the reason I’m a Chicago Cubs fan is that the Peanuts strip published on the day I was born had Charlie Brown waxing philosophic on baseball.
  • NovemberOn October’s Web Stats. Another of those statistical posts. I don’t do them every month.
  • DecemberOn Design Decisions. I started thinking about making some changes to the design of my website, which I talk about further here and here.

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