On a Cheap DVD Player

Hecht’s had a sale–DVD players for ten bucks.

Ten bucks.

It’s the Coby-207.  Multi-region, PAL-to-NTSC conversion.  In other words, it’s ideal for my needs.

Ten bucks.

And if it craps out?  Well, it was only ten bucks. 😉

2 thoughts on “On a Cheap DVD Player

  1. Can you disable the Macrovision? Will they play anamorphic SVCDs and get the aspect ratio right? (Yeah, I made a lot of non-standard anamorphic SVCDs over the years… Hey, they played great on my old Daewoo until it died!)

    If so, pick one up for me! 🙂

    – Geoff

  2. For $50, you can snag a Sima GoDVD unit that will remove Macrovision. I use it with my CyberHome player to play Region 2 and PAL discs through my DVD recorder. Occasionally the stuff I play is recorded too 🙂

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