On a Crossover I Want To See

I went to the BBC’s website yesterday and downloaded some desktop wallpapers for “Blink,”, this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who.

And I was looking at some of the wallpapers and their depiction of crumbling angelic statues and their blank eyes, the craziest thought came to mind.

I want a Doctor Who/Hellboy crossover. Because those statues in “Blink” look absolutely Mignola-esque, so I automatically thought Hellboy.

The more the idea was lodged in my brain, the more angles I could see.

The third Doctor and UNIT, Hellboy and the BPRD. Doing the same sorts of things, at roughly the same time. Perhaps Hellboy might even tangle with the Torchwood Institute, perhaps they might attempt to extract the Right Hand of Doom. And then, in the present day, the tenth Doctor and Hellboy reteam to battle some ancient Lovecraftian horror.

The Doctor! Hellboy! Dark Horse. Panini. You two publishers need to make it work. The Doctor needs to meet Hellboy. It’s just that simple. :spock:

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