On a Doctor Pooh T-Shirt

I’ve gone and I’ve done it.

I’ve bought a tee-shirt from Qwertee.

Qwertee is the UK equivalent of TeeFury, a website that sells limited edition t-shirts that break copyright a million ways to Tuesday for a limited time.

A Time Lord of Very Little BrainQwertee’s design today is of Doctor Pooh, a Time Lord of Very Little Brain. As designed by Rob Wood, Doctor Pooh is the Disney Pooh, in a late Tom Baker costume.

I hope that Peter David acquires one of these t-shirts; many many years ago he wrote a fanzine about the Time Lord of Very Little Brain, The TARDIS at Pooh Corner:

Once upon a time, on a planet named Gallifluff, which is as far away from Earth as the end of the week is from the beginning of the week (when it’s the beginning of the week, of course) there lived a Time Lord named Doctor Pooh.

I don’t know if I’ll wear this t-shirt. Perhaps I will, or perhaps I’ll keep it with my all of my concert t-shirts, none of which I’ve ever worn.

But I had to have it nonetheless!

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