On a Fun Christmas Song

I heard the most amazing Christmas song on the radio this morning on the way to work–“Winter Wonderland” done to the tune and in the style of Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop.”

It’s by a duo called Fleming and John. Sure, it’s completely novelty, but it’s a fun, insane novelty that’s available for a download. Everyone needs a little Led Zeppelin to make their season bright. 🙂

Then there’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” as if it were done in the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.” I’ve no idea who did it; the ID3 tags say “Artist.” It’s a bit of a novelty, maybe not quite as much fun as “Winter Mountain Hop.” 😉

6 thoughts on “On a Fun Christmas Song

  1. THANK YOU!! I have been looking for this song for a year. I heard it on the radio last December while driving home and went crazy for it. I missed the artist name and have been searching ever since. I even called the my favorite radio station this morning and they had never heard of it. They have now – I just e-mailed the link to them. You’re so right – it’s super fun and what every holiday season needs – a little Zepplin!

  2. Hey Allyn,

    It’s Awesome, I am looking for Christmas Songs for my Internet Radio Show for tomorrow night, Glad I stumbled on to this. Thanks!!! I will try to play it and send it out to you, shows on 6-8PM EST on http://WWW.PIBCO1.COM!!! Merry Christmas & have an Amazing 2010!!!

    Clarisa Dear (PIBCO1.COM Internet Radio Personality)

  3. Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas…..
    Does anyone know where I can purchase or download the F&J Winter Wonderland song? I just heard it on WYEP in Pittsburgh and I simply must have it!

    Thanks in advance and I hope that everyone is having a good one! Take care…….

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