On a January Rain

A week and a half ago it snowed. It wasn’t much, maybe two inches.

The snow lingered.

It never got warm enough to well and truly melt the snow. The roads were clear. Sidewalks were clean. But on yards and open fields everywhere, snow lay on the ground like an unwelcome blanket.

The snow retreated, day by day, as some melted in the midday sun and more sublimated away into the dry air.

Yesterday, the kind of dreary day fit only for remaining under the covers and letting the day pass by, saw some morning drizzle. Nothing major as temperatures reached up to near forty.

And last night saw a constant rain and heavy winds.

Today will be windy. Mid-fifties. What snow was left from a week and a half ago should wash away.

Today will, in all likelihood, be the warmest day of the week. Tonight temperatures will plunge into the teens. But at least today can clear the last vestiges of an old snowfall away. 😉

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