On a Keith Olbermann Quote

Said MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann:

Vice President Dick Cheney is a rogue nation.

Despite the recent capture of his top lieutenant, Mr. Cheney continues to defy the rule of law, attempting to destroy ISOO — an office of the U.S. government, after all — and barring inspections in true Saddam style.

Leaving only one possible remedy: Invade him, in order to establish a Free and Democratic Dick Cheney.

I’m pretty sure some Capitol beat cops could take Dick Cheney. 😉

The joke–if you want to call it that–here is that Vice President Cheney has asserted he’s a fourth branch of government. As the President of the Senate he’s part of the legislative branch. As Commander Guy’s number two he’s part of the executive branch. Cheney asserts that, as he’s not fully part of either and has responsibilities in both, that he’s subject to oversight from neither the executive nor legislative branches and, thus, can do whatever he wants with impunity.

As Olbermann said, Cheney’s a rogue nation. Cheney is the Axis of Evil.

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