On A Needed Holiday

On occasion, my mind is stunned into a stupor. Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Writing about Twilight: New Moon collector dolls sufficed this morning; a thousand brain cells cried out in terror and were silenced.

While in that slack-jawwed state, however, something occurred to me.

There’s no Philip K. Dick Reading Day.

There’s a Tolkien Reading Day, which falls on March 25th.

Joyce fans have Bloomsday on June 16th, for readings of Ulysses.

Shouldn’t there be a PKD Reading Day?

Perhaps stage it on December 16th, in honor of his birth? Call it “Martian Time-Slip” or “Time Out of Joint.” Or maybe not; I’m crap with names.

Someone, though, can make this idea work. Mass, public readings of VALIS or The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich.

P.K. Reading Day. Mark your calendars!

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