On a New Favorite Font

I think I have a new favorite font.

As many people know, I refuse to work with Times New Roman. I find it… unattractive. The shapes are common. It doesn’t speak to me. It doesn’t reveal my inner self.

Instead, I work in Palatino. Sometimes its close cousin Book Antiqua, but I’ve gotten so that I can spot the differences between them, and Palatino suits my personality better.

Palatino’s letters are bigger. They are lighter and airier. There’s a gentleness to the way they curve. The serifs are like the flowing of wine.

Wait, I’m waxing philosophic about fontery.

Recently, I’ve discovered a new, free font. Gentium. If Palatino is bigger than Times New Roman, then Gentium is smaller and narrower, but with a slick polish and inviting curvature. It’s pleasing to the eye, in ways that Times New Roman is not.

A new font to play with. 🙂

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