On a New LEGO Video Game

Have I mentioned recently how much I like LEGO?

Didn’t think so.

There’s a LEGO strategy game coming out for the Nintendo DS. Think Age of Empires, but with LEGO!

It’s called LEGO Battles, and it starts out with Castles, then Pirates, and finally Space! You build buildings, and they’re LEGO buildings. Then you build LEGO units, and they’re minifigs. This sounds awesome. And it would give me a reason to play my Nintendo DS. 🙂

The Wizard shown in the artwork with the article looks like the LEGO Santa Claus.

Several things in the article annoy me, by the way. LEGO is spelled all caps. And LEGO is the plural form of LEGO. Also, “Lego men” are “minifigs.”

I hope this game is fun. I hope I won’t buy it just for the novelty factor.

And it can’t come too soon.

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