On a New Pair of Shoes

I needed new shoes.

About a year ago I bought a pair of leather oxfords for work. They were comfortable. They felt good.

And I’d worn them out.

I went out Saturday in search of a replacement pair. Perhaps I’d even be able to find an identical pair…

And I did!

They’re new. They’re stiff. They need to be broken in.

They’re rubbing my right achilles tendon.

I don’t wear shoes at the office.

It’s true — at my desk, in my cubicle, do I really need shoes to do the things I do? Of course not.

My achilles tendon feels fine, with my shoes kicked off.

But when I’m walking the couple of blocks from the office to the light rail station, then from light rail to the subway station, the achilles tendon will get rubbed by the stiff new shoes.

Eventually, they’ll break in.

But for now, they’re stiff. Not quite comfortable.

Still, I don’t mind. I needed a new pair of shoes.

2 thoughts on “On a New Pair of Shoes

  1. I just bought a new pair of shoes for work.

    Black leather pumps with a thick strap covering the top upper area of the foot.

    Cut my toes to shreds after a 8 hr stint at the office.

    Now my feet are permentantly scarred and I have lost all hope for a summer filled with flip flops.

    so think twice about whether or not you really do need that pair of shoes.

    One wrong pair can ruin the future potential of other shoes.

    Shoe buyers beware.

    The black leather sandals were purchased at Aldo.

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