On a PG-13 Star Wars

Film Threat, in their latest Star Wars report by Pete Vonder Haar, contains this nugget of information:

Lucas went on “60 Minutes” recently to discuss that this latest film, the “darkest and most violent” of the series, would likely be the first in the Star Wars saga to receive anything more severe than a PG. Hell, he could’ve gotten that just as easily in this country by having Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman (or Femi Taylor, my personal choice) flash their breasts, since it appears cutting off innumerable hands and arms, depicting brothers and sisters kissing, and excessive use of Muppets aren’t harsh enough offenses for the MPAA.

Vonder Haar has the right of it. We can show children violence and think nothing of it, yet even the suggestion of sexuality and suddenly we’re dealing with adult fare.

Vonder Haar’s point, though, is not so much about the double standard for sexuality vis a vis violence but about how PG-13 doesn’t mean a frelling thing. And about how film trailers can make a film look like something completely different than what the film actually is.

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